Yara DeAndrade

I was always interested in Photography.  Yet first I did no have the money for equipment, then I did not have the time to do it So I spent most of my life working, taking care of my family and being quite busy. 

However, I made a promise to myself: "when  am sixteen years old I will find time to do something fun!" This is when I started photographing . I took some classes at the University where I teach, to learn about the trade, and later I started buying equipment.  I have to say I had to learn a lot, because photography is very technical, not only art. So, I went workshops, started going to some meetings and practicing.

So, here I am almost ten years afterwards. My photos are an expression of my feelings, a documentation of the places I saw, and the people I know. They are also a proof that someone my age can learn anew, more that just learn, apply the knowledge in an attempt of self expression. 

So far, I see myself as a starting artist that is able to produce beautiful things... sometimes.  Moreover, my photography shows the world I see and feel. So I am including here images that I want to share. I have no style, or preferences, I just try to use my camera to capture things that excite me, making the best images I can.

I hope you enjoy my work!